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Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 05/14/2021
UPC: 881626561812

Songs For Unconventional Vehicles
Artist: Michael Hearst
Format: Vinyl


1. Song for Unconventional Vehicles
2. Airboard Personal Hovercraft
3. Airbus Beluga
4. Airfish 8
5. Autoalveare
6. Bathyscaphe Trieste
7. Beer Bike
8. Bell X-1
9. Bertha Tunnel-Boring Machine
10. Big Wind
11. Domicopter
12. E-Ship 1
13. Elemment Palazzo
14. Flying Cathedral
15. Flying Jellyfish
16. Gas-Turbine Motorcycle
17. Graf Zeppelin Airship
18. Hammetschwand Elevator
19. Handcar
20. Helios Solar Aircraft
21. Human Cannonball Truck
22. Hyperloop
23. HZ-1 Aerocycle
24. Jail Wagon
25. Jet Pack
26. Jet Train
27. Krupp Bagger 288
28. Liberty One Steam-Powered Rocket
29. Lockhead XFV
30. Monowheel
31. Moon Buggy
32. Onewheel Electric Rideable
33. Ostrich Carriage
34. Ripsaw
35. Scubadoo
36. Solar-Powered Race Car
37. Stoopidtaller
38. Strollon Stroller
39. Swallowable Wireless Camera
40. Turtle
41. USS Zumwalt
42. Voyager
43. Walking Truck
44. Winston Wong Ice Vehicle
45. Zamboni
46. Zil-2906
47. Sfuv Finale

More Info:

Author and composer Michael Hearst presents Songs For Unconventional Vehicles, a collection of miniature songs about some of the strangest cars, trains, planes, submersibles, dirigibles, and rockets EVER!Released as a companion to Hearst's children's book, Unconventional Vehicles, this full-length album (comprised of 47 songs varying in lengths between 2.5 minutes and a mere 17 seconds), features such vehicles as underwater battery-powered scooters, solar-powered race cars, pizza delivery drones, and a hot-air balloon shaped like the Cathedral of Saint Gall. Songs For Unconventional Vehicles showcases a grand assembly of guest vocalists including Olivier Conan (Chicha Libre), Tanya Donelly (Belly, Throwing Muses), Neil Gaiman, Rachell Garniez, Claudia Gonson (The Magnetic Fields), Greta Gertler Gold, Darren Hanlon, Bill Janovitz (Buffalo Tom), Clare Muldaur, and Syd Straw (The Golden Palominos).Brimming with catchy melodies and fascinating facts, this album is sure to enthrall vehicle enthusiasts and music lovers of every age.