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Format: CD
Label: ZOHO
Rel. Date: 02/05/2021
UPC: 880956210322

The Latin Side Of Wes Montgomery
Artist: Nelson Riveros
Format: CD


1. Road Song
2. Tear It Down
3. Four on Six
4. Wes' Tune
5. Nelson's Groove
6. West Coast Blues
7. Jingles
8. Facing Wes
9. Leila

More Info:

On his ZOHO debut, NY jazz guitarist Nelson Riveros reimagines Wes Montgomery's iconic pieces with a Latin aesthetic. "The Latin Side of Wes Montgomery" won't just help you rediscover the music of a veritable music legend. It will also introduce you to Nelson Riveros, a talented guitarist with a big heart who has created a superb tribute to his musical hero. - Kabir Sehgal