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Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 01/29/2021
UPC: 8719262012509

Themes: Passion / O.S.T. (Gate) [Limited Edition] [180 Gram] (Pnk)
Artist: Ennio Morricone Gate Ltd Ogv Pnk Purp
Format: Vinyl


1. The Lady Caliph / la Califfa (Titoli) from "The Lady Caliph" / "La Califfa"
2. Encounter / Incontro from "The Master and Margaret" / "Il Maestro E Margherita"
3. You Will See Me Coming Back / Mi Vedrai Tornare (Titoli Di Coda) from "You Will See Me Coming Back" / "Mi Vedrai Tornare"
4. You Die of Love / Si Muore D'amore from "For Love One Dies"/ "D'amore Si Muore"
5. A Woman to Remember / Una Donna Da Ricordare from "Maddalena"
6. This Kind of Love / Questa Specie D'amore (Titoli) from "This Kind of Love" / "Questa Specie D'amore"
7. To Lydia / a Lydia from "Listen, Let's Make Love" / "Scusi, Facciamo L'amore?"
8. Down the Ancient Stairs / Per Le Antiche Scale from "Down the Ancient Stairs" / "Per Le Antiche Scale"
9. Children Ask Why / I Bambini CI Chiedono Perche' (Titoli) from "Why"/ "I Bambini CI Chiedono Perche'"
10. Lullaby for Adulterers / Ninna Nanna Per Adulteri from "Mother's Heart" / "Cuore Di Mamma"
11. Nightmare Castle / Amanti D'oltretomba from "Nightmare Castle" / "Amanti D'oltretomba"
12. The Reason, the Heart, the Love / la Ragione, Il Cuore, L'amore from "Devil in the Brain" / "Il Diavolo Nel Cervello"
13. Veruschka from "Veruschka, Poetry of a Woman" / "Veruschka, Poesia Di Una Donna"
14. For Love / Per Amore from "For Love" / "Per Amore"
15. Lullaby in Blue / Ninna Nanna in Blu from "The Cat O' Nine Tails" / Il Gatto a Nove Code"
16. Trip with Anita / Viaggio Con Anita from "Lovers and Liars" / "Viaggio Con Anita"
17. What Have You Done to Solange? / Cosa Avete Fatto a Solange? from "What Have You Done to Solange?" / "Cosa Avete Fatto a Solange
18. The Two Seasons of Life / Le Due Stagioni Della Vita (Titoli) from "The Two Seasons of Life" / "Le Due Stagioni Della Vita"
19. Maybe That's Enough / Forse Basta from "Around the World with Peynet's Lovers" / "Il Giro Del Mondo Degli Innamorati Di Peynet"
20. Portrait of An Author / Ritratto D'autore from "The Invisible Woman" / "La Donna Invisibile"
21. Neighbourhood Romance / Romanza Quartiere from "Neighbourhood" / "Quartiere"

More Info:

Passion is the fifth and final part of a series of five double vinyl releases that bring together some of Ennio Morricone's greatest soundtrack music. Each collection centers on a different movie genre, together they allow the listener to rediscover the unmatched genius of the greatest movie composer of all time. Passion once again reminds us that everything in Italian life is approached with gusto, energy and passion.Passion is available as a limited edition of 3,000 individually numbered copies on pink and purple marbled vinyl. The package includes a 4-page insert with liner notes written by Claudio Fuiano. The gatefold sleeve contains a diamond glitter foil spot varnish on the outside and images of iconic movie posters on the inside.