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Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 05/28/2021
UPC: 844667051711

Somewhere Flowers Grow
Artist: Electric Looking Glass
Format: Vinyl

More Info:

Vinyl LP pressing. Electric Looking Glass are a modern day baroque pop group from Los Angeles, CA. Electric Looking Glass unabashedly creates sugar-coated whimsical pop with all the bells and whistles; chiming guitars, dreamy mellotron, bouncy harpsichord and three part harmonies. You might mistake them at first for an obscure Apple Records signing but Electric Looking Glass insists they are forward thinking tomorrow-people making music for NOW! Boasting multiple vocalists, multi-instrumentalists and songwriters, ELG is a collaborative effort between four kindred spirits; Arash Mafi, Brent Randall, Johnny Toomey and Danny Winebarger. Self-producing in their own analog wonderland, the lads pay loving homage to the kaleidoscope pop of yesteryear with impressive attention to detail in both their records and smile-inducing Monkees-esque music videos.