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Format: Vinyl
Label: ELFT
Rel. Date: 04/09/2021
UPC: 8428846112602

No Future: A New Adventures In Pop Compilation, Unit 1 / Various
Artist: No Future: New Adventures In Pop Compilation / Va
Format: Vinyl


1. Oso Panda (Papa Topo)
2. Pez en Bicicleta (Tronco)
3. A MI Ya Me Iba Mal de Antes (Aiko El Grupo)
4. Barakaldo (Lisasinson)
5. Colegas (Fred Fredburguer)
6. Cucurucho (Guatafán)
7. Canción de Pop de Amor (Cariño)
8. Infectados (Axolotes Mexicanos)
9. Secret Secret (Pushy Parents)
10. Cumpleañera (Gomet)
11. Gente de Mierda (Putochinomaricón)
12. Malos Hábitos (Nevver)
13. Braun (Die Katapult)
14. Las Plantas de la Terraza (Chavales)
15. No SÉ Por Qué (Band A Part)
16. Capital (Neleonard)
17. Pineapple Princess (Cristina Quesada)
18. The West Coast (Edine Avec Lisle Mitnik Et Son Orchestre)
19. Rain on My Face (Carbon Poppies)
20. Ultramarinos (Los Bonsáis)
21. Campamento de Verano (Teacher Teacher)
22. La Fuerza (Kokoshca)
23. My Baby's Just a Baby (But
24. Love Him So) (Knickers)
25. (Out of) the Neighborhood (Belle Ghoul)
26. Eat Tacos (Wild Balbina)
27. Enough Is Enough (Nature Set)
28. The Panda Bear Song (Foxes!)
29. El Fin de la Era (Sagrado Corazón de Jesús)
30. Cómo Es (Lia Pamina)
31. Humo (Nos Miran)
32. El Chico MAS Guapo de la Galaxia (Capitán Sunrise)
33. Ada Hoy Se Va a Enamorar (San Francisco)

More Info:

Double magenta colored vinyl LP pressing. If there is a collection that represents the better part of Elefant Records' philosophy, that collection is New Adventures In Pop. Betting on the unknown, on the new, on people who have something to say and who say it from the deepest honesty and most unexpected personalities... Because we believe that is where a good part of authenticity comes from in music - from the voices that are seeking out their own language without letting themselves be carried away by trends or waves, because we know that music is in constant motion and evolution, and that new artists need space to find it. With that in mind, commemorating the 50th release in this collection, we are releasing this compilation album - a precious double vinyl that includes a first selection of some of the songs that have been a part of this collection. The title references the really rough situation groups who want to get started and make themselves heard on the music scene are facing. And this release is even more relevant than ever today. Because of this, and because looking back - especially this kind of looking back - is always comforting. Let's go through it one by one: