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Format: CD
Rel. Date: 05/07/2021
UPC: 824046338022

Collection 1952-62
Artist: Goldie Hill
Format: CD


1. Why Talk to My Heart
2. Don't Send Me No More Roses
3. I Let the Stars Get in My Eyes
4. Waiting for a Letter
5. I'm Yvonne (On the Bayou)
6. Say Big Boy
7. I'm the Loneliest Gal in Town
8. My Love Is a Flame (You Are to Blame)
9. Let Me Be the One
10. I'm Yesterday's Girl
11. Am I Still Your Baby
12. Liquor and Women
13. Young at Heart
14. Make Love to Me
15. Looking Back to See
16. I Miss You So
17. Cry, Cry Darling
18. Call Off the Wedding
19. Treat Me Kind
20. Please Don't Betray Me
21. Fickle Heart
22. Sure Fire Kisses
23. Ko Ko Mo (I Love You So)
24. Are You Mine
25. Ain't Gonna Wash My Face (For a Month)
26. Why Don't You Let Me Go
27. Steel Guitar
28. Second Chance
29. I'm Beginning to Feel Mistreated
30. Sample My Kissin'
31. Footsteps
32. New Names New Faces
33. A Wasted Love Affair
34. Cleanin' House
35. It's Only a Matter of Time
36. Till I Said It to You
37. Yankee Go Home
38. What's Happened to Us
39. Honky Tonk Music
40. It's Here to Stay
41. Twice As Blue
42. Living Alone
43. Your Love Came Into My Heart
44. It's a Lovely, Lovely World
45. Live for Tomorrow
46. Many Lies Ago
47. The Door Step to Heaven
48. Don't Just Stand There
49. Driftwood on the River
50. I Slipped Off My Wedding Ring
51. It's So Lonely on My Side of the Sea
52. Missing Loving Missing Livin' Missing You
53. You're Looking for An Angel
54. According to My Heart
55. I've Got a New Heartache
56. As Far As I'm Concerned

More Info:

She was an archetypal country performer of this era, interpreting songs by some of the genre's finest writers, and this collection is an enjoyable introduction to her work.