Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 07/16/2021
UPC: 822603227710

Piece Of Time (Blk) [Clear Vinyl] [Limited Edition] (Red)
Artist: Atheist
Format: Vinyl

More Info:

Limited colored vinyl LP pressing. Arguably one of the most groundbreaking and influential bands in the metal realm, Atheist combines a death metal attack with a virtuosic level of playing. This union would create a style of forward thinking, progressive metal that would soon become the benchmark for many influential metal bands (Death, Cynic, Pestilence). From groundbreaking debut Piece of Time, to sophomore full-length - progressive milestone Unquestionable Presence - and through their adventurous third album Elements, Atheist's first three albums remain crucial yardsticks by which daring, ambitious, and progressive metal records are measured.