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Format: DVD
Label: RTHL
Rel. Date: 03/16/2021
UPC: 810037853339

Quick Wisdom With Bliss: Kundalini Yoga In 30 Minutes
Artist: Quick Wisdom with Bliss: Kundalini Yoga in 30 Mins
Format: DVD

More Info:

Join Bliss for a new adventure exploring Kundalini, a form of divine energy also known as Shakti in Hinduism. This energy stored at the base of the spine, also known as muladhara, is prepared and stimulated through tantric practice and is widely considered to lead the person practicing it to spiritual liberation. The term Kundalini itself, alongside the practices connected with it, was made a part of Hatha yoga during the eleventh century. Since then it's been integrated into other kinds of Hinduism and even New Age thought and modern spirituality. Through love, joy and wisdom we can learn anything! Let's get ready to make our spirit soar with Quick Wisdom With Bliss: Kundalini Yoga!