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Format: DVD
Label: RTHL
Rel. Date: 05/11/2021
UPC: 810037852981

Tickles The Clown

More Info:

The year is 4044. The battle between the blood-thirsty Illuminati forces and the human resistance, known as the Allies, rages on. As Dr. Jeckyl works to reverse the RX2 sociopathy gene found in illuminati DNA, Allies leader Princess Kali DiVine sends space rough neck Van Helsing and his rowdy associate Big Foot on a mission to escort Tickles The Clown back to headquarters. One of greatest psychopath the universe has ever known, Tickles The Clown - a.k.a. The Mauler Of Innocents - is the only one whose blood possesses the genetic code to reverse the RX2 gene. After being caught devouring the larvae offspring of the oviparous Gorgons, Tickles was captured and sent to the Underworld prison also known as The Gag & Tag camp. As Van Helsing prepares to deport Tickles, the cunning clown telepathically commands his guards to kill themselves by eating their own tongue and escapes. Hearing of Tickles escape, the cloned body of occultist Aleister Crawley mounts an attack of his own on the Allies, setting forth the playground for one of the bloodies battles yet. Hold your screams. In space no one can hear you laugh.