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Format: CD
Label: BLCH
Rel. Date: 04/09/2021
UPC: 808798121439

Find The Sunrise
Artist: Dennis Shepherd
Format: CD


1. Find the Sunrise (Album Mix)
2. I Can Feel
3. When I'm Alone
4. In Your Hands
5. Imagination
6. Miss You
7. How Does It Feel
8. Playing with Fire
9. South East Love
10. Burning Flame
11. When Our Worlds Collide
12. Hamsa
13. Losing My Mind
14. Omid
15. We Are One

More Info:

Having achieved nearly every accolade associated with the elite, German producer and DJ Dennis Sheperd has broken through the scene as a staple to his fans and colleagues alike. The Berlin-based Trance and Progressive enthusiast is ready to take the lead and spring forward with innovative ideas, genre-bending music and a relentless amount of energy.