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Format: CD
Label: ARBO
Rel. Date: 01/15/2021
UPC: 780941147629

The Lockdown Blues
Artist: Professor Cunningham And His Old School
Format: CD


1. Lockdown Blues
2. A Quarantine Love Song
3. Don't Get Around Much Anymore
4. It's Alright
5. Sittin' at Home, Drinkin' Alone
6. Over in the Gloryland
7. Six Feet Is Too Far from You
8. I'm Broke and She's Gone
9. Lindy Hopper's Lament
10. Gimme a Sheet of That Sweet TP

More Info:

This CD is a collection of music that is the result of a series of unprecedented circumstances... their situation in lock-down. No concerts, no gigs... Out of this misfortune a thought occurred to Adrian that a recording could be made with all his musicians from remote locations, in New York and Spain, to show their feelings during this tragic situation of being isolated from their fans.