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Format: DVD
Label: Reelclassicdvd
Rel. Date: 06/07/2021
UPC: 762184805320

Dangerous Hours (1920) And The Leather Pushers
Artist: Dangerous Hours (1920) and the Leather Pushers
Format: DVD

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DANGEROUS HOURS (1920) and THE LEATHER PUSHERS: ROUND TWO (1922) DANGEROUS HOURS starring Lloyd Hughes, Jack Richardson and Claire Du Brey. Directed by Fred Niblo. An idealistic young man discovers, too late, that the political group he's joined is really a front for terrorism, extortion and anarchy. An outrageous propaganda film that pulls out all of the stops to make it's anti-communist point! Reminiscent of the Modern Story of "Intolerance" with it's tremendous mob scenes. THE LEATHER PUSHERS: ROUND TWO starring Reginald Denny, Hayden Stevenson and Charles Ascott. "The Leather Pushers" were a charming series of comedies based upon the story of a prize-fighter from the Colliers articles by H.C. Witwer. Each episode was self-contained and complete in itself. Formerly wealthy Kane Halliday (Denny), finds he must support himself with his fists in the ring after his father goes suddenly broke. A great mix of comedy and action set against the gritty world of the old New York boxing scene. Original music scores composed and performed by Liz Magnes!