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Format: CD
Label: NXTL
Rel. Date: 05/28/2021
UPC: 762183589221

7 Days
Artist: Yoonmi Choi
Format: CD


1. Let There Be Light
2. When He Sees the Sky
3. Land from the Sea
4. Day and Night
5. Let Them Swim, Let Them Fly
6. Here We Are
7. It Was Good

More Info:

Seven years ago, while touring Italy, Yoonmi had the opportunity to visitthe Sistine Chapel, and was enraptured by both the beauty andaudacious magnitude of the artwork painted by Michelangelo. "Icouldn't help thinking about his passion and tenacious hard work, "Yoonmi confesses. Inspired, she set out to create a piece in such a vein asMichelangelo's masterpiece: massive, ambitious, and undoubtedlyunified around a single theme. 7 Days, like Michelangelo's paintingsinthe Sistine Chapel, draws on the narrative of the Earth's creation, featuring seven compositions, each of which adds new elements whilebuilding upon the previousto sonically capture the story of the worldbeing created.