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Format: CD
Label: NXTL
Rel. Date: 01/22/2021
UPC: 762183576429

This Is Our Environment
Artist: Joseph Herbst
Format: CD


1. They Say There Are Beautiful Trees
2. Momma Nature (ft. Dasan Ahanu)
3. Solastalgia Mama E (ft. Cynthia `THiA' Sharpe)
4. Is this my fault?
5. Erring of the Revolution Pt. 1 (ft. Yexandra 'Yex' Diaz)
6. Makes No Cents
7. Erring of the Revolution Pt. 2 (ft. Yexandra 'Yex' Diaz)
8. Iron Eyes
9. LEGACY (ft. RaShad Eas)
10. Estrange Us
11. Communion (ft. RaShad Eas)
12. Simple Life (ft. RaShad Eas)
13. Visions of Freedom

More Info:

At times making you want to dance and at times making you want to cry, Joseph Herbst's debut album "This is Our Environment" features all original compositions that brings together his classical saxophone background with his modern jazz focus, seemingly flowing from one song to the next all under the timely lens of environmental justice. Interwoven into the album are powerful performances and works by four spoken word artists, as well as lyric and lyric-less vocals, adding an extra layer of depth to the already colorful and diverse sound the band creates.