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Format: CD
Rel. Date: 06/18/2021
UPC: 760137601920

All Dressed Up

1. All Dressed Up
2. What Makes You Think
3. It Takes Money
4. West Virginia
5. Sayin' Goodbye
6. Out Run the Wind

More Info:

Though a newcomer to bluegrass, Geoff is no stranger to the music. Born in Buffalo, WY Geoff was blessed with a musical family, at the age of two his family moved to Nashville, TN to pursue his mom's (Linda Buell) dream of being a songwriter. The Buell's had a homemade studio used to demo Linda's songs where as a young kid Geoff was introduced to future superstars such as Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney, Joe Diffie, Joy Lynn White and other great musicians. Everybody who hung out at the Buell's always said "he is going to be a musician" because he was always dragging around a guitar. It's now came full circle for Geoff as he releases his first bluegrass EP.