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Format: CD
Label: VLAD
Rel. Date: 02/05/2021
UPC: 760137464822

Great Hereafter
Artist: Impaler
Format: CD


1. There Be Ghosts Here
2. Sonic Freakshow
3. Thermonuclear Man
4. The Great Hereafter
5. Krampus Has Returned
6. So Much Blood
7. If Death Were A Horse
8. These Ghoulish Things

More Info:

The Great Hereafter is the first full length by Impaler since 2009. Eight high velocity, spooky tracks to haunt your house by! Including a brand new Yuletide carol titled Krampus Has Returned. Impaler has been making Shock Rock since 1983. The Great Hereafter delivers that... you bet your life!