Format: Collectibles
Label: Youtooz
Rel. Date: 07/31/2021
UPC: 707696537086

Music - Oliver Tree Vinyl Figure (Clcb) (Vfig)
Artist: Youtooz
Format: Collectibles

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Youtooz - Music - Oliver Tree Vinyl Figure

Ronnie.... what the f*%$?! I'm Oliver Tree and I'm about to huck this ten stair! Ugly is beautiful. At 4.8 inches tall, the inaugural Oliver Tree designer collectible is here. Youtooz artists spent days perfecting Oliver Tree's legendary bowlcut. He wears tinted red sunglasses and his usual multi-colored puffy jacket. Over his shoulder is slung a black, baby blue and green scooter. He wears loose fitted blue pants which drape over his white socks and red slides. He sits on top of a detailed red pocket rocket which includes sculpted wheels, exhaust, and body. The double-walled window box was illustrated by Youtooz artists to show a scene of Oliver Tree scooting around. On the interior is a pattern using fire, symbolizing the heat from Oliver's albums. This collectible ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve.