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Format: DVD
Rel. Date: 05/20/2021
UPC: 690650831040

Stott Pilates Essential Reformer Rep 4th Edition

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STOTT PILATESr Essential Reformer Repertoire, 4th Edition

The STOTT PILATESr Essential Reformer repertoire focuses on alignment, balance and breath. This program details out the beginner-level full-body workout using the MerrithewT Reformer. These exercises will strengthen and tone from the core out, helping Instructors and enthusiasts develop a greater mind-body connection, correct movement and breath patterns, and cueing.



REQUIRED EQUIPMENT: Reformer, Reformer Box, Roll-Up Pole, Foam Cushion (optional)

DVD Contents: 35 exercises, Workout Time: 70 min, DVD Length: 226 min, Closed Captioning

EXERCISES: Warm up: Breathing, Pelvic Placement, Hip Rolls, Rib Cage PlacementRotation, Scapula Movement and Mobility, Head and Cervical PlacementExercises: Footwork 3 or 4 springs, Toes Apart Heels Together, Wrap Toes on Bar, Heels on Bar, High Half Toe, Lower & Lift, Second Position 3 or 4 springs, Parallel, Laterally Rotated, Medially Rotated, Single Leg 2 or 3 springs, One Leg Bent, Bicycle, Single Heel, Hundred 2 or 3 springs, Bend & Stretch 2 springs, Parallel, Laterally Rotated, Medially Rotated, Lift & Lower 2 springs, Parallel, Laterally Rotated, Adductor Stretch 2 springs, Short Spine 2 springs, Prep, Full Midback Series 1 or 2 springs, Triceps Press, Straight Down, Forty Dive Degrees, Side, Circle, Back Rowing Preps 1 or 2 springs, Plow, Open Elbows, Airplane, Biceps Curls, Triceps, Roll-Down, Roll-Down with Biceps Curls, Roll, Down with Obliques, Side Arm Preps Sitting 1/4 or 1 springs, Internal Rotation, External Rotation, Adduction, Abduction, Side Twist Sitting 1/2 or 1 spring, Front Rowing Preps 1 or 2 springs, Straight Forward, Second Position, Offering, Stomach Massage 2 or 3 springs, Prep, Round Back, Straight Back, Long Box, Arms, Pulling Straps 1/2 or 1 spring, Plow Prep, Airplane, Triceps, Short Box, Round, Back 2 springs, Straight Back 2 springs, Twist 2 springs, Tree 2 springs, Elephant 1 or 2 springs, Round Back, Straight Back, Mermaid 1 spring, Leg Circles 2 springs, Parallel, Laterally Rotated, Medially Rotated, Knee Stretches 2 springs, Prep, Round Back, Straight Back, Running 2 or 3 springs, Hip Lift 2 or 3 springs,Prep, Full, Single Thigh Stretch 2 springs, Side Splits 1/2 or 2 springs, Adduction, Abduction


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