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Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 05/28/2021
UPC: 682863360141

Scratch Sounds No.3 (Atomic Bounce)
Artist: Dj Woody
Format: Vinyl


1. Talk Box Vocals (various)
2. Rhodes Chroma pad
3. Rhodes Chroma bass
4. Minimoog lead
5. Minimoog bass
6. Electric Guitar
7. Drumming Phrase
8. Talk Box Vocals (various)
9. Rhodes Chroma pad
10. Rhodes Chroma bass
11. Minimoog lead
12. Minimoog bass
13. Electric Guitar
14. Drumming Phrase

More Info:

Scratch Sounds No 3 (Atomic Bounce), the accent in this record is on the sound of electronic funk. The SCRATCH SOUNDS series is a resource for the musically minded turntablist practitioner.  My aim with this series is to produce a coherent set of original recordings with vocalists and instrumentalists, designed specifically for the scratch musician. Taking inspiration from the library music catalogues of the 1960's and 70's, each record is themed in style or mood. By building a library of Scratch Sounds the creative process becomes streamlined, enabling you to select the record most fitting to your project or jam.   This record is specially formatted for 7" and contains 24 skip-proof scratch phrases, many of which are different to those on the 12" version. Side one is programmed at 83.33 bpm and side two at 100 bpm.  It is my belief that with the correct tools and mindset we can further strengthen the legitimacy of the turntable as a musical instrument.