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Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 03/26/2021
UPC: 680585379700

Fodder: Live At Disjecta
Artist: Douglas Kearney / Jeanty,Val
Format: Vinyl


1. Do the Deep Blue Boogie!
2. The Invention of Scat (Interlude)
3. That Loud-Assed Colored Silence: Scat
4. That Loud-Assed Colored Silence: Moan
5. I'm Here to Help (Intro to Manesology)
6. Manesology (After Charlottesville, But Before It Too, Shit)
7. Sho
8. Eulogy for An Afro Pick
9. I Imagine I Been Science Fiction Always

More Info:

Recorded live in Portland, OR on August 9, 2019, American poet Douglas Kearney and Haitian Afrofuturist Val Jeanty's album Fodder poetically splinters text on paper into a document you can hear through speakers &/or vice versa. Drawing from Kearney's "That Loud-Assed Colored Silence" poetry sequence (taken from his award-winning collection, Buck Studies), and touching on Louis Armstrong, contemporary protest, and the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Fodder interweaves original music, samples, and improvisation to create a completely absorbing listening experience. Afro-futurist percussionist Val Jeanty brings the heat throughout. This LP is a must-have for any lover of poetry, sound chemistry and/or Afrofuturism. Fodder is pressed on transparent vinyl and the album comes with a poem insert of Kearney's "That Loud-Assed Colored Silence: Scat."