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Format: CD
Label: PRST
Rel. Date: 03/12/2021
UPC: 656191047029

Artist: Pupil Slicer
Format: CD


1. Martyrs
2. Stabbing Spiders
3. L'Appel Du Vide 03:36 video
4. Panic Defence
5. Husk
6. Vilified
7. Worthless
8. Wounds Upon My Skin
9. Interlocutor 1
10. Mirrors Are More Fun Than Television 1
11. Save The Dream, Kill Your Friends 1
12. Collective Unconscious

More Info:

Hailing from London, UK, Pupil Slicer deliver their debut album, Mirrors on Prosthetic Records. Combining all the sharp edges of angular mathcore with the bonecrushing intensity of grindcore, Pupil Slicer are guaranteed to leave their mark on 2021. For all the disjointed chaos and jagged edges present on Mirrors - and there are many - Pupil Slicer has created an enticing, cohesive collection of songs that represent a marked period of time in the lives of it's creators. Complemented further by the distinctive collage cover art by Nick Povey, this debut album is equal parts grit and sass.