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Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 02/12/2021
UPC: 653233963682

What Will You Do Then? [Limited Edition Color LP]
Artist: Caithlin De Marrais
Format: Vinyl


1. Good Luck Come Back
2. Once In A Lifetime (Love) (ft. Mark Duplass)
3. Eighty Four (ft. Annie Nero)
4. My Astrology
5. (Let Me Have A) Diamond Heart
6. The Moon DGAF
7. Gambling Heart
8. Turnaround
9. Birthday Song
10. Secret Book Club

More Info:

Caithlin De Marrais’ third album What Will You Do Then? is incandescent—a candle lit in memory of the moody midnight teenage bedrooms of the early 90’s. Lustrous and sometimes deeply spare, What Will You Do Then? took form over the course of two and a half years, shaped by Rainer Maria guitarist Kaia F, with contributions from vocalists Annie Nero and Mark Duplass, multi-instrumentalists Lary Hoffman and Lucola Bang, drummer Stuart Gunter, MIDI programmer Emily Lee, and others. The songs were mastered by Adam Ayan, who put the finishing touches on Lana Del Rey’s most recent records.