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Format: CD
Label: CNRG
Rel. Date: 01/29/2021
UPC: 642623102022

Migration of Silence Into and Out of The Tone World (Volumes 1-10)
Artist: William Parker
Format: CD


1. DISC 1 - Listen
2. Cosmic Funk
3. I'd Rather Be
4. A Great Day to be Dead
5. Jenny's Interlude
6. Blue Limelight
7. Bennie's Tune
8. Recall
9. Kachina Song
10. All I Ever Want
11. Where the Angels Live
12. Old Tears DISC 2 - Malachi's Mode
13. Malcolm's Smile
14. This Sweet Land
15. The Golden Light (Hymn)
16. Mexico
17. Broken Promises
18. Child of Sound
19. Sky Falling
20. Adobe House
21. Rez Sunset
22. Trail of Tears I 3
23. Trail of Tears II
24. Rez Sunrise
25. Ascending Earth DISC 3 - Baldwin
26. The Majesty of Jah
27. Freedom
28. Sun Song
29. Numbers
30. Letter To A Resurrected Slave Owner DISC 4 - Entire Universe
31. Cheops
32. The Map Is Precise
33. If We Play Soft Enough
34. Harriott DISC 5 - Dancing at the Savoy
35. Don't Sell My Soul
36. Harlem Dances
37. Harlem Speaks
38. Paintings in the Sky
39. Shutters as Windows DISC 6 - Tilted Mirror
40. Mexico
41. The Bleeding Tree
42. It Is for You DISC 7 - Song to Lift Sadness (Morning)
43. The Sky is Always Beautiful
44. Morning Bird
45. Rocket Man
46. Essence Calling Out
47. Afternoon Poem
48. First Vision
49. Green and Brown
50. I Believe
51. I Will Die for You
52. Song for Patricia
53. My Cup
54. Silent Whispers
55. It Would Never Be Long Enough
56. Song to Lift Sadness (Evening)
57. Cloud And Sea Fading As Rain Falls DISC 8 - Visconti
58. Fellini
59. Pasolini
60. Leone
61. De Sica
62. Rossellini
63. Gospel
64. Milano
65. Lights in the Rain
66. Antonioni DISC 9 - The Elders at the Edge of the World part 1
67. Cultivation
68. Deep Spirit
69. Family Voice
70. }Listen to the Sky
71. Sacred Prayers
72. Host for the Anointed
73. Bamboo Village
74. Blessed
75. The Flute Reaches Out
76. The World's Fastest Train
77. Joyous and Delightful
78. The Elders at the Edge of the World part 2 DISC 10 - Charcoal Paragraphs
79. Khaen
80. Lakota Song
81. Manzanar
82. On Being Native

More Info:

That William Parker is a bassist, composer and bandleader of extraordinary spirit and imaginative drive is common knowledge among any with an interest in the progressive jazz scene of the past 25 years or more. What's become increasingly apparent, though, is Parker's stature as a visionary of sound and song - an artist of melody and poetry who works beyond category, to use the Ellingtonian phrase. The latest multi-disc boxed set from Centering Records/AUM Fidelity devoted to Parker's expansive creativity underscores his virtually peerless achievement in recent years. Migration of Silence Into and Out of the Tone World (Volumes 1-10) is a 10-album collection of vocal and instrumental suites all recorded expressly for this set between late 2018 and early 2020, with women's voices at it's core. This is music as empathetic as it is intrepid, as philosophical as it is visceral, as resolutely modernist as it is attuned to tradition. Parker's art not only draws from the deepest well of African-American culture; it breathes in inspiration from across the globe, with sounds drawn from Africa, Asia and Indonesia as well as Europe and the Americas; there is free improvisation and re-imagined sonic collage; there are album-length explorations of solo piano and solo voice, along with string ensembles and ancient wind instruments. There are dedications to jazz heroes, Native Americans and Mexican migrants, plus tributes to the great African-American culture of Harlem and the mix of passion and compassion Parker found in vintage Italian cinema. Migration of Silence Into and Out of The Tone World conjures a vast world of music and feeling, and it's creation is a feat that ranks with that of the most ambitious talents in any genre.