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Format: Cassette
Rel. Date: 04/30/2021
UPC: 636339644389

Exotica Xl
Artist: Sim Nagai
Format: Cassette


1. The Island
2. If You Could See My Daydreams
3. Douglas Firs
4. Tropics
5. Pacific Seashore
6. Hiroshi Nagai Drawings
7. Toucan
8. Dragon Fruit
9. Flight to Brazil
10. Takayama
11. Corals
12. Body ; Soul
13. Summer Song

More Info:

CASSETTE. 2021 release. Sim Nagai specializes in imagined journeys to faraway places. The Belgian beat-maker finds inspiration from where he's traveled as well as those places he's yet to visit. Sim finds a connection with the '50s music genre of 'exotica,' a vintage flavor which aimed to sonically transport it's listeners to distant locales. Sim takes on a similar mission with his debut album on Cold Busted, Exotica XL. It's 13 tracks convey rhythmic excursions to leisurely destinations - where palm trees shimmer in the wind and colorful birds fill the sky. Sim's solid hip hop beat foundations accompany these visions, resulting in a distinctive style to be enjoyed by heads around the world.