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Format: DVD
Label: MBL
Rel. Date: 02/23/2021
UPC: 631595210989

Shriek Pack: Flesh For The Beast & Dead Riot
Artist: Shriek Pack: Flesh for the Beast & Dead Riot
Format: DVD

More Info:

FLESH FOR THE BEAST tells the dark tale of a notorious occultist who conjures up a brothel full of ravenous female demons from hell! A century later, a team of ghost hunters investigate the haunted manor for evidence of the restless spirits. DEAD RIOT stars horror icon Tony Todd (Clive Barker's CANDYMAN) as Shadow, an executed and resurrected serial killer who invades a women's prison with his insatiable zombie army. Shadow seeks the inmate known only as Solitaire who somehow senses her impending doom and prepares for a supernatural martial arts showdown of epic proportions! A unique fusion of Asian action, The Walking Dead and women-in-prison antics! (179 mins on 2 DVDs)