Format: Vinyl
Label: Ship to Shore
Rel. Date: 09/03/2021
UPC: 616967901436

Fried Barry (Original Soundtrack)
Artist: Haezer
Format: Vinyl


1. Earth to Barry
2. Fried Ambience
3. Abduction
4. Hey Baby
5. Fallen
6. Hey Baby
7. I'm Not Well
8. About to Blow
9. Barry Theme
10. The Kids Are Not Alright
13. Enter the Box
14. The Box
15. Confused Barry
16. Barry Dies
17. Fried Homecoming Pt. 1
18. Fried Homecoming Pt. 2

More Info:

Ship to Shore Phono Co. Is proud to announce the physical release of Fried Barry: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Haezer!Former film editor and now DJ & music producer Haezer taps into a parallel universe where Boards Of Canada melded with Brian Eno and produced nothing but Darkwave ambient nightmares with this score to the trippy South African comedy-horror sci-fi movie Fried Barry, a motion picture that achieved much critical acclaim on it's recent festival run.Fried Barry sees our titular character - a drug addict and ne'er-do-well - abducted and used as a living avatar for an alien being intent on going on a joyride through Cape Town to learn about the human experience.Haezer's score becomes the beating heart of the film and is stuffed with enough bass pulses, electronic soundscapes and nerve-scraping string motifs to satiate any fan of dark ambient, film scores or experimental electronic music.The LP is available to pre-order now on limited edition "Barry's Brain" splatter vinyl, featuring artwork by Christopher Shy and a full-color insert with liner notes from Fried Barry Writer / Director / Producer Ryan Kruger!