Format: Vinyl
Label: Ship to Shore
Rel. Date: 09/03/2021
UPC: 616967900736

Overpass / O.s.t.
Artist: Makeup & Vanity Set
Format: Vinyl


1. Discovery
2. Ancient Arches
3. Surveying Sands
4. Holding Hollow
5. Waterwood Way
6. Treetrunk Trove
7. Rook Ridge
8. Overgrown Greenway
9. Graceful Gates
10. Twin Track Turnpike
11. Power Path
12. Turbine Tunnel
13. Monocrop Meadows
14. Illuminated Inlet
15. Billboard Boulevard
16. Elevated Excursion
17. 8 Rolling Rock Row
18. Pleasant Port
19. Cloud Causeway

More Info:

Futuristic skylines with an 80s-influenced soundtrack - this is Overpass, now available on vinyl from Ship to Shore PhonoCo.! Makeup And Vanity Set tackle the Rhythm Action video game genre with Overpass, a critically acclaimed adventure from Studio Bean where the music is as integral to gameplay as the visuals themselves. Invoking the atmosphere of modern classic film soundtracks with that synth edge - Drive, Lost River, Turbo Kid - yet managing to keep it fun and free, Makeup And Vanity Set have created an album that transcends it's roots as a video game soundtrack to become a bonafide triumph in it's own rights. Overpass is a must-listen for all aficionados of electronica, whether they have played the game or not.