Format: Cassette
Rel. Date: 08/06/2021
UPC: 616967550016

Game Over! EP [Cassette]
Artist: Benet
Format: Cassette

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“If you don’t feelthe groove then don’t think to pull through. ”Lovestruck Gen Z tackles nu-disco. Angelic harmonies over funky, driving basslines--producer Cameron Smith builds up contemplative atmospheres before reliably diving back into upbeat dance territory with the flick of his filter knob. Lyrically, Benét sings about getting a crush, keeping a crush, crushing on a crush, getting crushed on--this is 4 songs for checking “yes” on someone’s “do you like me?” note. Benét’s harmonic sensibilities act like punctuation and their vocal delivery is always believable and honest. This Richmond, VA based duo is just getting started. Undeniably approachable, this is an EP for anyone who has indulged in a night drive with the windows down.


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