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Format: CD
Label: DFAL
Rel. Date: 05/07/2021
UPC: 5902693143529

Artist: Realms Of Chaos
Format: CD


1. Depths (Intro)
2. Pain Eternal
3. To Consume
4. Forces of Opression
5. World of Worms
6. Submerged in the Perilous Decay
7. The Seed
8. Another Day, Another Skin
9. Magma Chamber

More Info:

The album will feature 8 extreme death metal tracks, which will left no one at rest. 42 minutes of fast, technical and atmospheric death metal, that is Realms of Chaos in a nutshell. Line-up on The album (THE SEED);Martinus (EX. The Infinite Within)-guitars, bass & vocals!Gabe Seeber (The Kennedy Veil, Alterbeast, Decrepit Birth)-All drum tracks on the album!