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Format: CD
Label: IMT
Rel. Date: 03/05/2021
UPC: 5060257251322

Live In Japan (CD+DVD)
Artist: Tyla Pallas J
Format: CD


1. Errol Flynn
2. Last Bandit
3. Heroine
4. Angel
5. Johnny Silvers
6. I Think It's Love Again
7. Drunk Like Me
8. Ballad of Jack
9. I Don't Want You to Go 1
10. How Come It Never Rains 1
11. I Don't Love Anyone 1
12. What You Do 1
13. Saviour 1
14. Satellite Kid 1
15. State I'm in (With Titles and Intro) 1
16. Comfort of the Devil 1
17. Billy 2 Rivers 1
18. Kid from Kensington (Soundcheck) 1
19. Scared of Dyin' 2
20. Last Bandit (Soundcheck) 2
21. Johnny Silvers 2
22. All You Had (Soundcheck) 2
23. Dynamite Jet Saloon 2
24. Mad Bad Jack (With Credits)

More Info:

Live in Tokyo was recorded over 3 nights in March 2020 just as the Covid-19 pandemic was breaking out. These intimate, sold-out, acoustic shows from Tyla went ahead yet The Dogs D'Amour band shows scheduled for only 2 days later in the same city were cancelled. As such, the audience atmosphere at the acoustic shows was a cocktail of adrenalin, excitement & fear. Added to which, these were Tyla's first shows in Japan for over 2 decades and delighted fans were queuing around the block to see him. The shows didn't disappoint. All the hits and more were played including ad hoc requests for lesser known songs shouted out by the crowd. Live in Tokyo is another worthy & collectible addition to Tyla J Pallas & The Dogs D'Amour admirable canon of work.