Format: Collectibles
Rel. Date: 09/01/2021
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Marvel - Loki (Clcb) (Fig)
Artist: Marvel
Format: Collectibles

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The Loki Marvel VS. Figurine joins our brand-new Marvel VS. Collection!

The God of Mischief and adopted brother of Thor, Loki's schemes have pitted countless foes against the God of Thunder, all in pursuit of his ultimate goal - to rule Asgard! Yet there is more to Loki than pure villainy - he has been reborn as a child, served Asgard as a secret agent, and even run for president. The Loki Marvel VS. Figurine depicts him in his modern costume, wielding the staff he stole from the goddess Freyja.

Loki made his debut in Journey into Mystery #85 (1962), in a plot to steal Thor's hammer, and was soon established as the greatest rival of the God of Thunder. After decades of scheming, Loki had his first starring role in Loki #1 (2004), and went on become one of Marvel's most complex and fascinating antagonists.

Collect the greatest heroes and villains from the stories of Marvel Comics as hand-painted 1:16 scale models! These detailed statuettes capture the likeness of iconic champions and rivals, each standing roughly 5-8 inches tall and posed for battle atop dramatic scenery!

Pair your Loki Marvel VS. Figurine up with the Thor Marvel VS. Figurine and prepare to do battle!

  • Height: 7.1"
  • Material: Polyresin