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Format: CD
Label: IMT
Rel. Date: 02/26/2021
UPC: 5056321617682

Live At The Tivoli
Artist: Last Great Dreamers
Format: CD


1. I Think I Like It
2. New Situation
3. Primitive Man
4. 13th Floor Renegades
5. Lunacy Lady
6. Glitterball Apocalypse
7. The Way We Collide
8. Gold Painted Butterfly
9. Chrome Tonic
10. Miles Away
11. Only Crime
12. Werewolves
13. White Light, Black Heart
14. Who's Side Are You On?
15. Lady (Don't Need You)
16. Far from Home
17. Oblivion Kids

More Info:

Along with many artists in 2020 the Covid pandemic saw Last Great Dreamers confined to basecamp and unable to continue with their usual grueling live schedule. The next best thing was to release a live album. Live at The Tivoli is the full recording of a show for Mind Mental Health charity performed at the legendary Buckley Tivoli UK in October 2019. This being the Dreamers' first ever live offering it perfectly captures them in their rawest form, full of energy, charm & swagger. Featuring 17 stage favorites from across their back catalogue such as New Situation, Lunacy Lady, Oblivion Kids & Far from Home.