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Format: CD
Label: GYSC
Rel. Date: 05/07/2021
UPC: 5056083207381

Got Any Northern Vol. 1 / Various
Artist: Got Any Northern Vol. 1 / Various
Format: CD


1. Earthquake
2. Don't Feel Sorry For Me
3. The Bells
4. I Promise Love
5. That's The Way I Feel
6. Let Me Be Your Baby
7. All The Love I've Got
8. Pink Lips
9. Free Me
10. Well, I Told You
11. Fire
12. I Don't Want to Cry
13. Baby Cakes
14. Salt and Pepper
15. If I Never Get To Love You
16. If You Don't Come
17. I'm A Telling You
18. Wait
19. I See Your Face
20. Stubborn Kind of Fellow
21. Look at Me
22. (There Goes) The Forgotten Man
23. When You See Me Hurt
24. Catch That Teardrop
25. I Need You
26. It Hurts to Cry
27. Fly by Night
28. Misery
29. He's the One That Rings My Bell
30. If Things Don't Change
31. Seven Day Fool
32. The Wrong Girl
33. Didn't I Tell You
34. My Book
35. Gee Baby
36. Come To Me
37. I Let Myself Go
38. A Miracle
39. Fortune Teller
40. Mind Over Matter
41. Determination
42. You Threw A Lucky Punch
43. It's Your Voodoo Working
44. Sugar Dumpling
45. Chaperone
46. Fever
47. All I Want to Do Is Cry
48. Heartbreak Hill
49. Hush Heart
50. The Day Will Come

More Info:

Northern soul is a music and dance movement that emerged in Northern England and the English Midlands in the late 1960s from the British mod scene, based on a particular style of black American soul music, especially from the mid-1960s, with a heavy beat and fast tempo (100 bpm and above) or American soul music from northern cities such as Detroit, Chicago and others.