Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 09/10/2021
UPC: 5014797905696

Svn Fngrs [Colored Vinyl] (Ofgv) (Org) (Wht) (Uk)
Artist: Black Francis
Format: Vinyl


1. The Seus
2. Garbage Heap
3. Half Man
4. I Sent Away
5. Seven Fingers
6. Tale of Lonesome Fetter
7. When They Come to Murder Me

More Info:

Limited orange and white colored vinyl LP pressisng. Svn Fngrs is a seven track mini album first released in 2007. For this album, Black Francis wrote around the idea of demi gods, starting with Cú Chulainn of Eire, who apparently had seven fingers and seven toes on each hand and foot. "It's stripped down, minimal soloing, short, to the point, good for 20 minutes at a high rate of speed to get you the fuck out of town if only just." - Black Francis.