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Format: CD
Label: LEMR
Rel. Date: 04/02/2021
UPC: 5013929784222

Stone Survivor: Anthology
Artist: Paul Brett
Format: CD


1. Bo Diddley
2. Shame, Shame, Shame
3. In the Midnight Hour
4. Shake
5. How Do I Feel Today
6. Do What You Must
7. Devil's Grip
8. Give Him a Flower
9. Volcano
10. Statesboro Blues
11. Raise the Light
12. Anna Dance Square
13. 3D Mona Lisa
14. Trophies of War
15. The Tower
16. Cottage Made for Two
17. Good Old Fashioned Funky Kind of Music Winter
18. Written in Winter
19. Jubilation Foundry
20. Give a Little Something to the Ragman
21. Love Is a Four Letter Word
22. Ulysses the Traveller
23. Tuesday Evening
24. Custom Angel Man
25. Charlene
26. The Ant
27. Handful of Rain
28. The Spanish Main
29. Clocks
30. Soho Jack
31. Empty Dreams and Flying Machines
32. Strawberry Fields Forever (Live)
33. Medley (Live)
34. Phoenix Future
35. My Kind of Day
36. Catching Catfish
37. Christened By Fire
38. Alone in Space
39. Dance of the Dawn Herald
40. Interlife
41. Into Life
42. Eclipse
43. Overture for Decadence
44. Chaos
45. Alternative 12 String
46. The Bishop Went Down to Fulham
47. In Search of Aztecs
48. Hand-Built By Robots
49. Nights in White Satin
50. I Will Survive
51. Ain't No Sunshine
52. The Boxer
53. Albatross
54. Love Is a Crazy Thing
55. Didn't Get So Excited
56. Leena
57. Take 5
58. On the Road
59. Dollars and Dames
60. Summertime
61. Earth
62. The Queen's Shilling
63. It's Only Rock'n'roll
64. Walkin' on My Grave
65. Shakin' All Over
66. Jesus on the Main Line
67. The Passionate Shepherd to His Love
68. Virtue
69. Metamorphosis
70. Wave Dancers
71. The Green Man's Tears
72. Amsterdam
73. 666
74. The Tempest
75. Rock Island Line
76. Stealin'
77. Gin House Blues
78. Stone Survivors (Gryphon Suite for High 12 String)
79. Bullet
80. Space Oddity
81. Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night
82. Bat Out of Hell
83. One Night Stand
84. You Don't Like Love Songs
85. Metal Hearts - Mental Minds
86. From the Cradle to the Grave
87. Gunfighters
88. Sun
89. The Devil's Whisper
90. The Raven
91. The Pit and the Pendulum
92. Evening Star

More Info:

Paul Brett spent most of the Sixties and Seventies as one of rock's quintessential journeymen, a hired gun for the great and the good, one of the session guitarists of choice, as well as following that familiar trajectory from the Beat Boom onwards. He played in a host of Beat, Mod, R&B, Psychedelic and Progressive outfits before finally creating his own band Paul Brett's Sage in 1970, resulting in three albums for Pye/Dawn. Last half century or so. Included are rare tracks from the dawn of his career with budding beat/mod/psych bands The SW4, The Union and Tintern Abbey, as well as the historic debut 45 by The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown from 1967. Key tracks from a subsequent purple patch for Paul Brett's Sage are also included, plus three rarities unissued at the time, followed by highlights from Paul's multi-album tenures with the labels Bradley's and RCA. Sandwiched between them are selections from two self-released mid-70s albums, when Paul switched to the 12-string guitar. Later choices are drawn from Paul's many self-released solo albums from the nineties and noughties, always centred around his guitar prowess.