Format: CD
Rel. Date: 08/13/2021
UPC: 5013929477186

Mosaics: Albums 1969-1972 (Uk)
Artist: Third Ear Band
Format: CD


1. Mosaic
2. Ghetto Raga
3. Druid One
4. Stone Circle
5. Egyptian Book of the Dead
6. Area Three
7. Dragon Lines
8. Lark Rise
9. * Third Ear Band
10. Air
11. Earth
12. Water
13. Fire
14. * Music from MacBeth
15. Overture
16. The Beach
17. Lady MacBeth
18. Inverness: MacBeth's Return / the Preparation / Fanfare / Duncan's Arrival
19. The Banquet
20. Dagger and Death
21. At the Well / the Princes' Escape / Coronation / Come Sealing Night
22. Court Dance
23. Fleance
24. Groom's Dance
25. Bear Baiting
26. Ambush / Banquo's Ghost
27. Going to Bed / Blind Man's Buff / Requiscant / Sere and Yellow Leaf
28. The Cauldron
29. Prophecies
30. Wicca Way

More Info:

Three CD set containing classic albums by Third Ear Band released between 1969 and 1972: Alchemy, Third Ear Band and Music From MacBeth. Third Ear Band was one of the earliest signings to EMI's Progressive imprint, Harvest Records. Third Ear Band were unique in their exploration of exotic baroque music fused with experimental rock. Their debut album, Alchemy, released in July 1969, was championed by legendary DJ John Peel and is regarded as one of the most striking and original works of the era with it's unique gothic improvisational music. The band's self-titled second album, Third Ear Band, gained good reviews in the underground music press. In March 1972, the soundtrack album Music From MacBeth was released on Harvest, but it would be the band's final album. Mosaics - The Albums 1969-1972 gathers together the three Third Ear Band albums in a clamshell box and is the ideal introduction to the band and their uniquely haunting and evocative music.