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Format: CD
Rel. Date: 05/14/2021
UPC: 5013929470200

Missing Persons (Alive Forever) EP
Artist: Procol Harum
Format: CD


1. Missing Persons (Alive Forever)
2. War Is Not Healthy
3. Missing Persons (Alive Forever) (Edited Version)

More Info:

2021 CD EP by the legendary Procol Harum. Completed during lockdown conditions imposed by the outbreak of the COVID 19 virus, the EP title track is a poignant and emotive song in the finest musical tradition of Procol Harum. 'War is Not Healthy' is also a fine observation of war and it's impact on humanity. With the lyrical subject matter of both songs being particularly apt for the times we live in, this new music from Procol Harum is timely.