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Format: CD
Rel. Date: 07/30/2021
UPC: 5013929189720

Grandfather: The Dear Mr Time Anthology (Uk)
Artist: Dear Mr Time
Format: CD


1. Birth - the Beginning
2. Out of Time
3. Make Your Peace
4. Yours Claudia
5. Prelude (To Your Country Needs You?)
6. Your Country Needs You?
7. A Dawning Moonshine
8. Years and Fortunes
9. A Prayer for Her
10. Light Up a Light
11. On a Lonely Night
12. Grandfather
13. Only Fooling
14. Henrietta Hall
15. Not Now at All
16. Victorian Blue
17. This Place Was Us Was Home
18. When Baby Comes
19. A Song of Fairgrounds
20. Gold and Silver
21. True Blue
22. When You Move
23. All I Have to Give
24. August Lights
25. Naked Fingers
26. Pig Heaven
27. In '67
28. I Don't Understand (Peru)
29. Like the First Time Again
30. On Hallowed Ground
31. It's Only Love/Tomorrow Is Another Day
32. Sitting in An English Garden
33. Pigs in Outer Space
34. Butterflies Are Free
35. The Universe in My Heart
36. Streetwise
37. Songbird in the Rain
38. Peru (Reprise)
39. Full Circle
40. We're Only Human
41. Maisie Grey
42. Don't Go Holding on to Me
43. Kifissia Sunrise
44. All the Same
45. Acid Rain
46. Today Is Such a Lovely Day
47. The One Who Saved the Sun
48. Elephants Dump
49. Summer Days with You
50. Einstein in the Sun
51. Mr. Towers' Hours
52. Gimme Jam
53. I Will Be with You
54. Never Done Godspell
55. Home Again
56. We Always Knew
57. The Houses in Between
58. Archie Vine
59. When We Were Young
60. Lonely Eyes
61. The Sentimentalist
62. The One
63. Walk the World
64. What Will Be
65. There Is No More (You Do It All)

More Info:

Coming together at the end of the Sixties, Essex band Dear Mr. Time were a five-piece progressive rock outfit influenced by the likes of King Crimson and The Moody Blues. Having built up their act while touring in France and Germany, Dear Mr. Time returned to England, signing a deal with the independent Square label. Square released the band's seven-ages-of-man concept album "Grandfather" in early 1971, but although it attracted good reviews, the LP failed to reach many shops and duly sank without trace. With Vertigo's interest in signing Dear Mr. Time scuppered by the fact that Square had signed them to an exclusive three-year deal, the band decided to split before a second album could be recorded. By the early Nineties, original copies of "Grandfather" were selling for large sums of money, and the album was counterfeited several times before finally being legally reissued in 2010. Buoyed by the reception that the official reissue received, the core members of Dear Mr. Time reconvened, recording two further albums - "Brontosaurs And Bling" and "Time" - as well as recording tracks for a proposed fourth album. Our new anthology of the band's work assembles all three Dear Mr. Time albums and adds that proposed fourth album. We also add some fascinating early Seventies home demos from guitarist and chief songwriter Chris Baker, performing a batch of songs that would have formed the basis of that aborted follow-up to "Grandfather". With a booklet that illustrates the band's story with rare photos and new quotes, our expanded 3-CD release of "Grandfather" - which includes around two dozen previously unissued tracks - is the final word on a progressive rock band who, although they made a limited impression at the time, have now attracted collector interest for more than three decades.