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Format: CD
Label: GLAM / 7T'S
Rel. Date: 05/28/2021
UPC: 5013929058002

Complete Singles Collection (Uk)
Artist: Glitter Band
Format: CD


1. Angel Face
2. You Wouldn't Leave Me Would You?
3. Just for You
4. I'm Celebrating
5. Let's Get Together Again
6. Jukebox Queen
7. Goodbye My Love
8. Got to Get Ready for Love
9. The Tears I Cried
10. Until Tomorrow
11. Love in the Sun
12. I Can Hear Music
13. Alone Again
14. Watch the Show
15. People Like You and People Like Me
16. Makes You Blind
17. Don't Make Promises (You Can't Keep)
18. Tuna Biscuit (If You Go Away)
19. Lay Your Love on Me
20. Hard to Settle Down
21. Look What You've Been Missing
22. It's Alright
23. She Was Alright
24. I Really Didn't Love Her at All
25. Almost American
26. Love Street
27. Gotta Get a Message Back to You
28. Move on Up
29. Until the Next Time
30. Spaces
31. Heartbeat to Heartache
32. I Don't Want to See You Tonight
33. Nothing at All
34. Backs Against the Wall
35. Angel Face 1989
36. Angel Face (Choir of Angels Version!)
37. We're Through
38. I Must Be Crazy
39. Every Beat of My Heart
40. T.V. Heroes
41. Halfway to Hitchcock
42. Bring Back the Night
43. Boys Love Rock N Roll
44. Rock N Roll (Part 2)
45. Tell Him
46. Sweet Baby Blue
47. The Tears I Cried
48. We're Through
49. People Like You and People Like Me
50. Rock N Roll (Been a Long Time)
51. The Kids Are Alright
52. Substitute
53. Love Magic
54. Stay with Me Baby
55. Angel Face
56. Rock on
57. Goodbye My Love

More Info:

3CD 57 track release that features every A and B side issued by Glam Rock legends The Glitter Band. National Chart hits include 'Angel Face' (UK No. 8, Germany No. 8, Australia No. 2), 'Just For You' (UK No. 10, Germany No. 35), 'Let's Get Together Again' (UK No. 8, Germany No. 19), 'Goodbye My Love' (UK No. 2, Germany No. 32), 'The Tears I Cried' (UK No. 8, Germany No. 35, Australia No. 5), 'Love In The Sun' (UK No. 15) and 'People Like You And People Like Me' (UK No. 5, Germany No. 14). Of particular interest to collectors will be the inclusion of rare 45's like 'Until The Next Time', 'Heartbeat To Heartache' and 'Nothing At All' plus the previously non CD 1989 re-workings of band anthem 'Angel Face'.. Seven rare studio tracks from the 1980's have been added as a bonus as is the inclusion of the band's one and only 'In Concert' release, the 1985 "Live At The Marquee" album. The booklet contains detailed liner notes for each release by 70s expert Phil Hendriks with input from original members Pete Phipps and John Springate and is fully illustrated throughout with numerous picture sleeves from around the globe.