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Format: CD
Label: AVRR
Rel. Date: 04/02/2021
UPC: 4260085530809

Guitar & Fortepiano
Artist: Rossini / Ramirez / Arnold
Format: CD

More Info:

For this release, Sheila Arnold and Alexander-Sergei Ramirez are concentrating on a short period of music- The Biedermeier. This is a very unusual combination of instruments that create charming music. The artists are using period instruments, a copy of a Biedermeier Fortepiano and the "Biedermeier guitar," a special species with a smaller but more charming sound than the concert guitar. These instruments were built much more intricately and minutiously than their more voluminous siblings of today. Sheila Arnold and Alexander-Sergei Ramirez are married, meeting during their studies of these unique instruments.