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Format: CD
Label: SLZS
Rel. Date: 05/07/2021
UPC: 4260072379220

Prisoners On Planet Earth
Artist: Snowblind
Format: CD


1. In The Name Of God
2. Prisoners On Planet Earth
3. Diva
4. Human God
5. The Road Has No Name
6. Wake Up The Sleeping Giant
7. Love Is A War
8. Forever Strong
9. Macedonia
10. Life And Death=
11. Modern Killer
12. We Are The Future

More Info:

The band returned after 5 years with a real masterpiece - a metal giant! "Prisoners on Planet Earth" includes all the well-known Snowblind trademarks: amazing riffing by Mike G. himself (NIGHTFALL co-founder, composer and guitarist), great melodies and refrains, inspired songwriting, Mike's aggressive vocals, all in a perfect mix.