Format: CD
Rel. Date: 08/27/2021
UPC: 4065629618926

Dancing Into Oblivion
Artist: White Stones
Format: CD


1. La Menace
2. New Age Of Dark
3. Chain Of Command
4. Iron Titans
5. Woven Dream
6. To Lie or to Die
7. Freedom in Captivity
8. Acacia

More Info:

As bassist of prog legends Opeth, Martin Mendez has gained world-wide popularity and now he returns with another virtuous death metal crusher that captures the fear, loss of control and despair of lockdown in 8 new tracks. For 'Dancing Into Oblivion', his project White Stones goes further down the path of progressive extreme metal with haunting growls, jazz induced intermezzi and an incredible level of technical perfection. On 'Dancing Into Oblivion' the band returns with a more compact sound, having been hard at work ensuring the utmost attention to every detail for a result that is even better than the first record 'Kuarahy'.White Stones once again recorded at Farm Of Sounds Studios (Barcelona), owned by their singer Eloi. The final mix and mastering of this second album was done by Jaime Gómez Arellano at Orgone Studios (UK).