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Format: CD
Rel. Date: 05/28/2021
UPC: 4028466911841

Monster Metal
Artist: Debauchery
Format: CD


1. Bloodking
2. Skull Mountain
3. Debauchery Warmachine
4. Metal to the Bone
5. Blood God Eternal
6. Hate Kill Murder
7. Monster Metal
8. Debauchery Blood God
9. The Godmachines March to War
10. Warmachine of the Chaos Gods
11. Blutgott
12. Die Belagerung Von Knochenheim
13. Böse Bis Ins Blut
14. Hassen Töten Morden
15. Drachenungeheuer
16. Monster Metal
17. Debauchery Warmachine
18. The Godmachines March to War
19. Blood God Eternal
20. Warmachine of the Chaos Gods
21. Debauchery Blood God
22. Metal to the Bone

More Info:

A new force is rising - and it demands blood! But who would have expected something else when Thomas Gurrath has his famous fingers in the pie? The notorious crossover artist who is famed for his explicit live shows, uses every free minute to forge new music for the Trinity of Blood Gods of his Debauchery universe. The new album unites Gurrath's favorite preferences: Sweaty, over-the-top heavy rock, killer riffs, classic metal, brutal fantasy lyrics and a deep monster voice - simply "Monster Metal". The album's opening track features guest vocals by the metal god Tim "Ripper" Owens, vocalist of Judas Priest's masterpiece "Jugulator", among others. The two bonus discs of the CD Digipak version deliver insight into the other creatures of the Trinity of Blood Gods: BALGEROTH, featuring German lyrics, as well as BLOOD GOD, the heavy metal/hard rock subsidiary.