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Format: CD
Label: MORZ
Rel. Date: 05/21/2021
UPC: 194397184921

Artist: Blackout Problems
Format: CD

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1. Dark
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Dark pop is the balancing act between clean and distorted, between analogue and digital, between condemning and uniting, which Blackout Problems - founded in 2012 and consisting of Mario Radetzky (vocals, guitar), Marcus Schwarzbach (bass, vocals), Michael Dreilich (drums) and Moritz Hammrich (guitar, vocals) - dares to do. A balancing act that seems to bring the tensions of contemporary 'black and white' debates and genre-spanning diversity to it's dizzying pinnacle. The shape of pop to come? On Dark, their third full-length album, the band announces with deft clarity on the opener "Murderer" that anger has to be transformed. This anger is one that is fueled by resentment about the state of our modern society which seems incapable - despite all the warnings that history and science have shown us - of creating a peaceful and sustainable place to exist.