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Format: CD
Label: WCL
Rel. Date: 04/09/2021
UPC: 190295140939

Igor Stravinsky Edition / Various
Artist: Igor Stravinsky Edition / Various
Format: CD


1. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus
2. Fugue in C minor for 2 pianos, K426
3. Stravinsky, Igor
4. Agon (ballet for twelve dancers)
5. Air du rossignol et Marche chinoise
6. Apollon musagete (1947 version)
7. Ave Maria
8. Capriccio for piano and orchestra
9. Chanson russe (arr. I Stravinsky and S Dushkin for violin and piano)
10. Circus Polka
11. Concertino for 12 instruments
12. Concertino for string quartet
13. Concerto for piano and wind instruments
14. Concerto for two pianos
15. Concerto in D major for strings, 'Basler'
16. Concerto in E flat major 'Dumbarton Oaks'
17. Credo
18. Danses concertantes
19. Double Canon 'In memoriam Raoul Dufy'
20. Duo concertant
21. Ebony Concerto
22. Elegy for solo viola
23. Etude for Pianola
24. Etudes (4), op.7
25. Etudes (4) for orchestra
26. Feu d'artifice (Fireworks), op.4
27. Greeting Prelude
28. Jeu de cartes (The Card Game)
29. Le Baiser de la fee (The Fairy's Kiss) (arr. Stravinsky and S Dushkin for violin and piano)
30. Le Baiser de la fee (The Fairy's Kiss)
31. Le Chant du Rossignol
32. Le Rossignol (The Nightingale)
33. Les Cing Doigts (The Five Fingers)
34. Les Noces (The Wedding)
35. Movements (5) for piano and orchestra
36. Norwegian Moods (4)
37. Octet for Wind Instruments
38. Oedipus Rex
39. Pastorale (arr. S Dushkin)
40. Pastorale
41. Persephone
42. Petrushka (1911 version)
43. Petrushka (1947 version)
44. Petrushka (arr. for 2 accordions)
45. Petrushka: 3 Movements for piano
46. Piano-Rag-Music
47. Piano Sonata (1924)
48. Piano Sonata in F sharp minor (1903-4)
49. Pieces (3) for solo clarinet
50. Pieces (3) for string quartet
51. Poemes (2) de Paul Verlaine
52. Pulcinella
53. Ragtime
54. Renard (The Fox)
55. Russian Peasant Songs (4)
56. Scherzo a la Russe
57. Scherzo fantastique, op.3
58. Scherzo
59. Serenade in A major
60. Souvenir d'une marche boche
61. Suite italienne 'Pulcinella' (version for cello and piano)
62. Suite italienne 'Pulcinella' (version for violin and piano)
63. Suite no.1
64. Suite no.2
65. Symphonies of wind instruments
66. Symphony in C major
67. Symphony in three movements
68. Symphony of Psalms
69. Tango (arr. for 2 accordions)
70. Tango
71. The Firebird (L'Oiseau de feu): Suite (arr. Agosti)
72. The Firebird (L'Oiseau de feu): Suite no.2 (1919)
73. The Firebird (L'Oiseau de feu)
74. The Rake's Progress
75. The Rite of Spring (Le Sacre du printemps) (piano duet)
76. The Rite of Spring (Le Sacre du printemps)
77. The Soldier's Tale (L'Histoire du Soldat)
78. Valse pour les enfants
79. Violin Concerto in D major

More Info:

2021 release. Does any other composer of the 20th century offer such varied riches? If The 'Firebird', glowing with the iridescence of his teacher Rimsky-Korsakov, brought him his international breakthrough in 1910, The 'Rite of Spring' sealed his fame and set him on the long path towards the terse archaism of 'Ago'n in 1957. Chameleon-like and with tireless creativity, Stravinsky kept pace with the aesthetic evolutions, convolutions and dislocations of his times. In his evocation of the Russia of history and prehistory, in the insolently virtuosic elegance of his pastiches, in his adaptations of Classical myths, in his rediscovery of his faith, and in his late conversion to serialism, he transformed every challenge into an opportunity.