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Format: CD
Label: HYP
Rel. Date: 04/30/2021
UPC: 034571283449

Mendelssohn: The Complete Solo Piano Music Vol. 5
Artist: Howard Shelley
Format: CD


1. Mendelssohn: Variations sérieuses in D minor Op.54
2. Mendelssohn: Sechs Kinderstücke 'Christmas pieces' Op.72No.1 in G major. Allegro non troppo
3. Mendelssohn: Sechs Kinderstücke 'Christmas pieces' Op.72No.2 in E flat major. Andante sostenuto
4. Mendelssohn: Sechs Kinderstücke 'Christmas pieces' Op.72No.3 in G major. Allegretto
5. Mendelssohn: Sechs Kinderstücke 'Christmas pieces' Op.72No.4 in D major. Andante con moto
6. Mendelssohn: Sechs Kinderstücke 'Christmas pieces' Op.72No.5 in G minor. Allegro assai
7. Mendelssohn: Sechs Kinderstücke 'Christmas pieces' Op.72No.6 in F major. Vivace
8. Mendelssohn: Zwei Kinderstücke No.1 in E flat major. Andante
9. Mendelssohn: Zwei Kinderstücke No.2 in F major. Sostenuto 1
10. Mendelssohn: Variations in E flat major Op.82 1
11. Mendelssohn: Gondellied in A major WoO10 1
12. Mendelssohn: Ein Lied ohne Worte in F major 'An Fräulein Doris Loewe' 1
13. Mendelssohn: Lied in D major 1
14. Mendelssohn: Variations in B flat major Op.83 1
15. Mendelssohn: Three Preludes Op.104a No.1 in B flat major. Allegro molto e vivace 1
16. Mendelssohn: Three Preludes Op.104a No.2 in B minor. Allegro agitato 1
17. Mendelssohn: Three Preludes Op.104a No.3 in D major. Allegro vivace 1
18. Mendelssohn: Three Studies Op.104b No.1 in B flat minor. Presto 1
19. Mendelssohn: Three Studies Op.104b No.2 in F major. Allegro con moto 2
20. Mendelssohn: Three Studies Op.104b No.3 in A minor. Allegro vivace 2
21. Mendelssohn: Lieder ohne Worte VI Op.67 No.1 in E flat major. Andante 2
22. Mendelssohn: Lieder ohne Worte VI Op.67 No.2 in F sharp minor. Allegro leggiero 2
23. Mendelssohn: Lieder ohne Worte VI Op.67 No.3 in B flat major. Andante tranquillo 2
24. Mendelssohn: Lieder ohne Worte VI Op.67 No.4 in C major 'Spinnerlied'. Presto 2
25. Mendelssohn: Lieder ohne Worte VI Op.67 No.5 in B minor. Moderato 2
26. Mendelssohn: Lieder ohne Worte VI Op.67 No.6 in E major. Allegretto non troppo

More Info:

On Volume 5 of Howard Shelley's complete Mendelssohn piano music series, he continues to overturn the conventional wisdom about the composer's unjustly neglected piano music, again demonstrating convincingly it's claims on our attention.