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Format: CD
Rel. Date: 06/25/2021
UPC: 028948605460

Shostakovich: Symphonies 1 14 & 15 / Chamber Sym
Artist: Andris Nelsons / Boston Symphony Orchestra
Format: CD


1. I. Allegretto - Allegro non troppo
2. II. Allegro 3.III. Lento
3. IV. Lento - Allegro molto
4. I. Allegretto
5. II. Adagio - Largo - Adagio - Largo
6. III. Allegretto
7. IV. Adagio - Allegretto - Adagio - Allegretto
8. I. De Profundis
9. II. Malagueña
10. III. Loreley
11. IV. Le suicidé
12. V. Les attentives I
13. VI. Les attentives II
14. VII. A la santé
15. VIII. Réponse des Cosaques Zaporogues au Sultan de Constantinople
16. IX. O Delvig Delvig!
17. X. Der Tod des
18. Dichters
19. XI. Schlussstück
20. I. Largo - attacca (Orch. Barshai)
21. II. Allegro molto - attacca (Orch. Barshai)
22. III. Allegretto - attacca (Orch. Barshai)
23. IV. Largo - attacca (Orch. Barshai)
24. V. Largo (Orch. Barshai)

More Info:

Two CDs. In this latest installment in "an ongoing Shostakovich survey that has rightly won him three Grammy Awards" (NY Times), Andris Nelsons and the BSO bookend the composer's brilliant symphonic career. Nearly half a century lies between Shostakovich's debut with the 1st, premiered before his 20th birthday, and the 15th, written under the shadow of his own mortality.