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Format: LP
Label: MRI
Rel. Date: 06/12/2021
UPC: 020286230281

Mega Ran 9 [RSD Drops 2021]
Artist: Mega Ran
Format: LP

More Info:

June Limited Run

For the first time, Mega Ran's iconic album Mega Ran 9 will be available on vinyl with brand new album art from tattoo artist Inksworth.

The Opening/8 Is Enough/Splash Woman/My Love Feat. Rufus Pipes/The Bailout Feat. Storyville/Megalude 9/Boss Battle: Jewels Man/Unknown The Man Feat. Storyville (prod. By DN3)/Run n Gun feat. Ciphurphace and Pugz Atoms/ Endless Feat. Storyville/Get Equiped v 3 feat. Side Effect and Savant/Outro