Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 08/20/2021
UPC: 016998145616

Let Me Love You (The Greatest Hits) (Blue Translucent Vinyl)

1. Let Me Love You
2. Tears
3. Forgive Me Girl
4. Itchin' for a Scratch
5. Here I Go Again
6. Force M.D.'s Meet the Fat Boys
7. Tender Love
8. I Wanna Know Your Name
9. Love Is a House
10. Touch and Go
11. Couldn't Care Less
12. Your Love Drives Me Crazy
13. Deep Check
14. Are You Really Real?
15. Step to Me
16. What's the Name of That Song?
17. Auld Lang Syne

More Info:

Tommy Boy reissues exclusive limited edition pressing of Force M.D.'s"Let Me Love You (The Greatest Hits)" on August 20, 2021 as part ofTommy Boy's 40th anniversary celebrationFormed in the early 80's the Force M.D.'s began as a traveling street troupe, performing around the city at locations like Times Square, the Greenwich Villageand on the Staten Island ferry, wowing crowds with their Hip Hop and R&B hybridsound, incorporating impressive melodies, harmonies, beat-boxing, and rapping.The Force was discovered by Tom Silverman at the 1983 Afrika Bambaataa ZuluNation anniversary party where he saw their unique blend of hip-hop with R&Band Doo Wop harmonies.By the time the group signed to Tommy Boy in 1984, Force M.D.'s quickly hit inthe New York area with radio hits like "Let Me Love You" and "Forgive Me Girl."The Force M.D.'s had their first top-10 hit with "Tears." They quickly receivedoverwhelming commercial success thanks in part to the Jimmy Jam and TerryLewis-penned love song, "Tender Love" featured in the movie Krush Groove.It went on to hit the top #10 on the Billboard Hot 100 and stayed on the chartfor 19 weeks. "Tender Love" has since found further success, thanks to coversby artists including Alicia Keys, The Backstreet Boy and Meshell Ndegeocello.In 2009, U.S. President Barack Obama even highlighted the band as one of theartists included in his Air Force One playlist. In 1987 Force M.D.'s scored theirfirst R&B #1 hit, "Love is a House" from their third album, "Touch & Go."