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Format: DVD
Label: BAVW
Rel. Date: 12/15/2020
UPC: 012233530599

U2: War
Artist: U2: War
Format: DVD

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The album that broke America; that stated a political manifesto; that toured to sell-out crowds worldwide and formed the creative synergy that informs their almighty shows to this day, WAR was the beginning of so much for a young band on the cusp of monumental success. This film takes you to the very heart of WAR. With the help of immaculately researched archival performance and interview footage, WAR is here deconstructed and analyzed by a dedicated team of critics and insiders. Expert insights include those of Chas de Whalley; A&R man through U2's early years, plus the unparalleled knowledge of Mick Wall and BP Fallon; two veteran journalists and music authors with a pedigree in the industry second to none. All these elements come together to make this the truly comprehensive review of one of U2's greatest albums.